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Choosing Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Ages 10-13

We know that she not only wants to look cute, and be comfortable; no problem as we are sure she’ll easily have both. The only thing to keep in mind is when she is developing her individual style, it’s always ranked the highest to go for something that really flatters her physical beauty.

She can have fun with her hair! Blow dry, curl, scrunch, braid, or straighten her hair. Don’t forget to use a special spray so her hair doesn’t get damaged from all of the heat. If she has thick hair or dry hair, use a detangler or leave-in conditioner to calm her hair down. Finish off with a nice smelling hairspray to keep the frizz away. To add some extra flair, add a hair accessory such as a pretty barrette, headband, clip, flower, etc.

Style her hair differently. For example, instead of the basic ponytail, go for a French braid. If she wants to be really adventurous, she can get an entirely new haircut, or even just side bangs. She might want to try side bangs first because they are a completely different look, but if she doesn’t like them, ahe can always clip them back so they’re not noticeable.

Age 14-17

Because of teenagers’ youthful faces, buoyant personalities and ‘uncontaminated’ locks, there are some fundamental differences between hairstyles which suit adults and ones for teenagers. Styling teenagers’ hair can be flexible and fun, cool and funky, and extremely versatile as one gift adolescents are blessed with is their willingness to experiment. Choose a Hairstyle to Suit her Hair Texture and Face Shape. There are certain ‘rules’ in play as to what haircuts and styles will and will not suit each individual teenager. Face shapes are arguably the biggest ‘rule of thumb’ when considering a new haircut regardless of whether a person is 15 or 51.
Face shapes are essentially placed into three categories… long, square, and round. Determining what category her face shape falls into is essential if she wants to wear a delicious new haircut that will guarantee glances of jealousy and a date with the high school heartthrob. In short, longer faces suit soft and shorter haircuts, which involve plenty of layers. Straight hair which is past the shoulders and parted in the center will not flatter a long face.

Age 4-9

95% or more of the articles and information found online about hair and grooming relate primarily to adults and their hairstyles. Even though there are many products on the market that are designed for children, they are literally a tiny fraction of a multi-billion-dollar industry. However, selecting haircuts and styles for children generally requires some pretty specific considerations. As many parents know, sometimes the biggest challenge of any day is dealing with their child’s hair.

When your little girl runs from you every time she sees a brush in your hand and you have to wrestle with the hair to untangle and tame it again, maybe cutting it shorter would help make it easier to manage. At the very least, consider styles like braids and twists as staples if she just can’t agree to cut the hair.