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Choosing Hairstyles for Girls

We know that you not only want to look cute, but also fashionable,  No problem, we are sure you’ll easily have both. The only thing to keep in mind is when you are developing your individual style, it’s always ranked the highest to try something that flatters your physical beauty. We Can easily help when navigating the process of the best look for your daughter



Deciding Between a Hair Cut and a Hair Trim?

Trying to decide between a Hair-cut and a Hair-Trim for your daughter? a Hair trim is cutting her hair, less than inch, while a hair cut starts at 1 inch and more. Normally when one maintains regular visits to the hair salon or one has a very little lovely lady, who has very fine hair, we would opt for a hair trim.

If your daughter has not been to salon in a while and has not been maintaining her hair care needs, she mostly needs a hair cut

Believe it or not. it is a myth that a hair trim helps with the growth of the hair. When in fact hair growth is from the root. The reason we should maintain our glorious crowns with a hair trim is because our ends become dry and brittle which cause the hair strands to split- therefore causing breakage.  Receiving moisture shampoo and nourishing conditioning treatments along with monthly hair trims will keep your hair beautiful and manageable

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Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse, Royal Up-do’s (Includes Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse), Glamour Braids (Includes Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse), Fashion Curls (Includes Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse), Press Out (Includes Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse), Trim, Style Cut, Deep Condition/For Dry, Breakage & Damage Hair, Moisture Condition/For Dry & Brittle Hair, Hot Oil Treatment/For Dry & Breakage, Brittle & Damage Hair, Combo Hot Oil/Reconstruction Condition Treatment