Hair Cut


We wonder if there’s any girl or woman out there who has never tried a bob haircut. With a variety of lengths and finishes, there’s, for sure, a bob that flatters your face and suits your hair type. Modern on-trend bobs opt for layering that works for the increase or reduction of volume and makes the overall look chic and present-day. The other thing is when choosing an appropriate cut, we always think of how we are going to style it. Making a stake on low-maintenance, ease and up-to-date looks.



We know that you not only want to look cute. No problem, we are sure you’ll easily have both. The only thing to keep in mind is when you are developing your individual style, it’s always ranked the highest. Try also to go for something that really flatters your physical beauty.

Additional information

Hair style

Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse, Royal Up do’s (Includes Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse), Glamour Braids (Includes Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse), Fashion Curls (Includes Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse), Press Out (Includes Wash-n- Style W/Condition Rinse), Trim, Style Cut, Deep Condition/For Dry, Breakage & Damage Hair, Moisture Condition/For Dry & Brittle Hair, Hot Oil Treatment/For Dry & Breakage, Brittle & Damage Hair, Combo Hot Oil/Reconstruction Condition Treatment