Marvelous Makeup Makeovers


Bring the bling baby, every color palate to make the makeup up application fun, whimsical and ready to slay!

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Lovely Little Ladies Salon and Spa for girls Haircuts and Trims Spa Manicure’s, Spa Pedicure’s, Spa Facials and Spa Parties- We offer an array of Affordable Product, Services and Package pricing sure to please even the the most Discerning Mother – as an Event Planning Company, we can also Customize, Swap or Trade to make sure your options best meet You and Your Daughter’s Needs

Lovely Little Ladies is best Nail, Hair Salon and Spa for girls.  Girls haircuts, Girls Spa Manicures, Girls Spa Pedicure, Girls Spa Facial, pretty much anything salon, spa and beauty related for girls. We prides ourselves on superior quality products that are natural and organic and safe on all skin type.  We take pride, knowing that we make every young lady feel special and bring out her self confidence with every service, whether it be our Flawless Spa Facial, Magical Spa Manicures or the Hair Salon with multiple options of hair car services, we specialize in Curly hair however every hair-type is serviced. The Hair salon for girls proves to be most popular with visit for her Haircut, Glamour Braids, Royal Up-do’s and Wash and Styles with Curls.

We offer 5 Salon And Spa Experiences -The Perfect Posh Spa Pedicure, Magical Spa Manicure’s, Flawless Spa Facial’s. Slay the Day Make-up, Glamour up-do’s and Royal Braids. Hair Salon Services- Hair Cuts, Wash and Styles  Experience, Created for your daughter. Lovely Little Ladies embraces Natural & Organic Product and Services- Our Signature Cucumbers and Mint Leaves are used in our girls salon and spa for facials, manicure’s and pedicure’s. Luxurious Warm Towels and Essential Oils Leaves her Feeling Like the Amazing Young Lady she already is!

Our Signature Manicure’s and Pedicures come with an upgraded experience that includes all the basics on with

Robes and slippers

A trip to our Spa Bar with Flavored Lotions, Glitter Gel and Flavored Sugar Scrubs From our Create your Own Spa Bar

Clean, File & Buff

Essential Oils to Treat Cuticles

Warm Supple Towels, Hand & Arm Massage