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An innovative, creative, and fundamentally fun way to learn about beauty online

We are bringing you classes and workshops that are interactive with some of the leading professionals in the beauty and healthcare industry upfront, close, and personal into your living room.

In a world where, up until recently, beauty has been one-dimensional, Lovely Little Ladies has been championing inclusivity of all races, skin tones, and complexions from the beginning.

We will be covering all the topics – SKINCARE, MAKEUP, AND HAIR
but in a revolutionary way –
our key components will be …

Talents (think people: emerging executives / make-up artists /hair stylists)


  • THE ART OF BEAUTY- How to express your personal beauty and be in love with your own image and body

Technologies (think: innovations in ingredients / packaging /product mediums)

  • INVOVATION AND SUSTAINABILITY particularly in the health and beauty industry where byproducts, such as the ethanol used to make perfumes, are capable of being reused to create commodities such as renewable fuel.


  • THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE BRANDS – Product comparisons

Have you ever wonder what the difference between top brands like Sephora, MAC and Two Face? Have you ever thought to yourself, is there really a difference in quality buying a drug store brands vs top brands? (well, we will explore these questions and whole lot more)

“Whom we deem beautiful, is a reflection of our values;
now a more expansive world has arrived, were we all are deemed beautiful”

How Beauty Basics

Online Works

We offer two workshops per week on Monday and Thursday- We begin the enrollment process 2 months prior to date.

  1. Select your workshop from our calendar and register
  2. Each workshop will have openings for 24 students- enrollment will be closed after max students have been reached
  3. We cover the selected workshop topic for 1 hour- allowing for Q&A the last 30 minutes
  4. Upon completion of your registration and payment a syllabus that outlines the topic(s) and our panel guest speaker and swag bag that will be mailed out to you
  5. Upon completion of the course, you will also receive a certificate of completion

Click here to go directly to Lovely Little Ladies Beauty Basics online website to gain more knowledge and information -We are always available for questions, feel free to reach out to u.